Receptionist: Deanna

//Receptionist: Deanna
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Meet Deanna!

Deanna is one of our wonderful receptionists here at the clinic. In her spare time, Deanna enjoys spending quality time with her two grown children and two beautiful grandbabies. Deanna also has two furry friends, Captain and Chubby, who greet her with kisses when she comes home from work every night. They also love to smell all the other precious pet smells that are always on Deanna, since she cannot seem to keep her hands off all the cuties that come through the clinic !

Deanna says the best part of her day is making sure she has a smile for everyone who comes in, and having them in turn leave with a smile and the knowledge that we enjoyed them coming to see us! Her motto is to show love and compassion to all that come through our doors! (She also enjoys Dr. Wilson making her laugh every single day ).