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Dr. Eugene Wilson, Dowagiac Veterinarian

Dr. Eugene Wilson

Dr. Eugene Wilson, the owner of Dowagiac Animal Hospital,  comes from a long line of cattle and dairy-men, but is from the first generation not raised on the farm. He was drawn to the world of medicine his whole life and not only loves animals, but is intrigued by them.

Dr. Wilson attended Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and worked in Benton Harbor, Michigan his first two years out of school. From there, he went to a small animal practice in South Bend, Indiana. He has also worked at the Potawatomi Zoo and Notre Dame University.  He owned his first practice in the Detroit area, but then he felt drawn back to Western Michigan. He opened a practice in Holland and lived in the little town of Hamilton. He likes a lot of the things the big city has to offer, but is most at home in a small town.

Dr. Wilson’s special interests include cooking, gardening, and landscaping. He loves music of all kinds, building and fixing things, and most of all, being with people.

In 2011, the Butts brothers decided to sell and a mutual acquaintance suggested that Dr. Wilson look into the possibility, and the rest is history.

“I am still fascinated by the world of medicine and what we can do to make our pets lives better and longer,” says Dr. Wilson, “and a tail wag or purr still gets me every time.”