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Flea Preventatives

Dowagiac Animal Hospital offers flea preventatives in both topical and oral forms. We provide these high-quality choices so you can choose the method of preventative best for you and your pet, while providing the protection they need year-round.

Topical flea preventatives are applied to the skin of your pet. Typically, this involves parting their fur down to the skin and applying the preventative as directed by the manufacturer. Dr. Wilson’s preferred option for dogs & cats, Vectra, provides additional protection, working to also prevent ticks and repel mosquitoes, lice, and certain flies. Vectra protects for a month once applied.

For cats, we also offer the topical Bravecto, which provides protection against fleas and ticks, with the added benefit of each dose lasting for three months.

Oral preventatives are an easy option for providing your dog protection against fleas and ticks. These typically come in a beef-flavored, chewable form that is given to your pet like a treat. We currently carry a chewable option that protects for one month, called Simparica, and one that lasts three months, called Bravecto.

From time to time, you may notice the particular brands we carry change. We do this because, like most medications, flea preventatives can fluctuate in price. It’s our goal to give you the same options of quality protection while giving you the best price.

Depending on your pet’s medical history, our veterinarian may have a preferred preventative for your pet. We are always here to discuss the options and help you choose the best protection for your dogs and cats.

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