The Benefits Of Neutering & Spaying Your Pets

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The Benefits Of Neutering & Spaying Your Pets

At Dowagiac Animal Hospital, we encourage spaying female pets and neutering males pets once they reach the appropriate age.

Spaying your female pets avoids unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy-related complications, such as an emergency C-section. Your pet will no longer go into heat, which will eliminate the chance of a pyometria (infection of uterus), and the chance of mammary gland cancer is greatly minimized.

Neutering male pets can positively change their behavior. Neutered pets are easier to train, have less dominant behavior, and are less likely to run away. Neutering also lessens or ends marking behavior. It will minimize the risk of prostatitis and eliminate the possibility of testicular cancer.

Fixing your pets reduces the unwanted pet population, minimizes pet pregnancies, and, with the added health & behavioral  benefits your pet receives, it is a choice with positive effects for your family and your community.

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